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Requiem by Lauren Oliver

Requiem - Lauren Oliver

Warning: This post contains spoilers for previous books in the series.


Oliver delivers a strong, unexpected ending to her Delirium series. After losing Alex, falling for Julian, and finding that Alex is still alive, Lena finds herself in a strange position. Who does her heart really belong to? Does it even matter? There’s hardly any time for love. There’s only time for survival and strategy. The invalids are coming out of hiding. What really spoke to me in Requiem were Lena’s conflicted feelings. They felt so natural and genuine. What I found surprising was that the series started out as a story about Lena and her love for Alex, but ended centered on the idea of fighting for what we believe in. It was much more focused on what the invalids were fighting for than what was happening with Lena, Julian, and Alex. I think if you’re looking for more of a romance than it will be disappointing. Personally, I was pleasantly surprised. What’s kept me coming back to the series is Oliver’s writing. She has such a gift for expressing feelings and purpose. That’s what will move me to read more of her work. The Delirium series is worth a read, no matter your taste.


I began this series in print, but finished it up on audio. I also did a reread of Pandemonium on audio. I like Sarah Drew. It was an easy transition from print to audio with her. She sounds a little different than I imagined Lena would, but I got used to it. I liked the variance of her voices for Lena and Hana. She does character voices for everyone, but her voice for Hana is a little more subdued and calm, which is fitting since she’s cured. I think she did a terrific performance, and I highly recommend the audio.