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Pass It On! by Marilyn Sadler

Pass It On - Marilyn Sadler, Michael Slack

Another selection from Blue Apple Books today. I think what I find so appealing about their books is that they have great covers and really great illustrators. There’s still plenty that depends on the writers, but I think Blue Apple is consistently releasing very visually appealing books.


Welcome to the farm, where all the animals know everything… sort of. When Cow gets stuck on the fence, she moos for help. Bee goes to find help, but the message gets a little jumbled along the way.


You know that game where someone starts at one end of a circle and whispers something in someone else’s ear, and the secret moves across the circle until the last person tells what they heard? It’s usually different because people are either not listening, or can’t hear well, or change it on purpose. Anyway, this is that game in book form. I think it would probably be fun for a small child. There’s not really much appeal for me though. Most of the time, I find picture books that are enjoyable to children, but also have a kind of wit an adult can appreciate. Pass It On! doesn’t really have that. Still, it will be a worthwhile read for the little ones.