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Tales of Terror from the Black Ship

Tales of Terror from the Black Ship - Chris Priestley

I saw this book on someone’s blog at the beginning of the month. I don’t think they were reviewing it, just listing good Halloween books. I decided to find some of them and read them for Halloween. I found this one in the library catalog and checked it out.


Though this is considered a children’s book, I wouldn’t read it to a child any younger than 8-years-old. Even then, I would edit some of the language. Aside from the occasional bad language, I thought it was great. It was exactly what I was hoping for: a book of scary/creepy stories. There were a few that were a little boring to me, but most of them were great. I loved that they usually had a twist at the end, even the story of Ethan and Cathy.


I guessed what was going on pretty early, though I wasn’t sure of the details. It took Ethan and Cathy until the end to figure it out. It was a conflicting ending, both sad and good. I’m eager to read Uncle Montague’s Tales of Terror. I might have to purchase a copy of this book too. It would be something nice to share with my own children one day.