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Ouran High School Host Club v. 9 by Bisco Hatori

Ouran High School Host Club, Vol. 09 - Bisco Hatori

I was glad for this volume, because the last two volumes were totally lost on me. It took me far too long to get through them. This one I actually enjoyed. I feel like the story is starting to get a little more serious and interesting.


I like seeing the beginning of the Host Club. It was nice to see how it all began. Of course, that chapter was hilarious. I really enjoyed the next two though. Haruhi is so perceptive. She understands exactly why Tamaki treats the young princess the way he does. They’ve both lost their mothers in different ways and it’s really great to see them bond over it. And good lord it’s about time Tamaki actually came to terms with his feelings for Haruhi. I wish the plot between the two of them would move a little faster. He certainly has feelings for her, but Haruhi isn’t there yet and I’m ready for the sparks to start.


This is actually something that’s a huge change from manga to anime. In the manga Tamaki’s feelings are there, but he doesn’t mention it to Haruhi. In the anime, he’s very outward about making her fall in love with him. I think Haruhi views it as a bit of a joke, but they talk about it out loud, to each other. I just wonder how things will develop differently in both the manga and the anime because I have yet to finish both. Speaking of the anime I really like it. It’s helped me most to appreciate Renge’s character. I didn’t really get her in the manga, but I think she’s hilarious in the anime. I found her funny this time as I was reading.


I think it’s really taken these 9 volumes to get me invested in the Host Club, but I finally am. There’s finally a balance between the hilarious and the serious. I hope it stays that way in the next five volumes.