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Fruits Basket v. 8 by Natsuki Takaya

Fruits Basket, Vol. 8 - Natsuki Takaya

Now we’re talking! I prefer the volumes that focus on the main plot of this series, the Sohma family and all their secrets. I cannot wait to find out more about what’s troubling Hatsuharu. I’ve loved Haru since he first showed up in this manga. He’s such a little badass. He’s so angsty I feel like I need to give him a hug and tell him everything will be fine. But that would create all kinds of problems, like him transforming into his Chinese zodiac form… and being super mad at me. I love the conversation he has with Yuki. I’ve always had a little trouble understanding Yuki. After the talk the two of them have in this one, it finally occurred to me that Yuki is scared of his feelings for Tohru. I just thought he hadn’t fully realized he had them yet. It’s going to be ugly when things come down to choosing between him and Kyo. I love them both, but I’ve already made up my mind about who Tohru should be with and I have good reason for my decision.


Ritsu was just ridiculous. I thought the same about her mother when she appeared in the series previously. I never found her particularly funny and I don’t find Ritsu funny either. Mostly, they just interrupt a perfectly good volume full of interesting little conversations and happenings. Ayame, however, has really grown on me. I used to hate volumes with him in them because he’s so silly. I liked his chapter in this one. He actually did some good! I wasn’t sure he was capable of such a thing. If I can jump back over to Ritsu’s chapter, there was a great conversation between Ritsu and Tohru. Tohru said she hoped when she found her reason for living, it would be in another person. It was getting a little heavy into existential talk there for a few minutes, but I thought her solution to the question of “why are we here?” was wonderful. I can’t wait for her to realize her reason for living is right in front of her. It will be such a sweet moment!