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Fruits Basket v. 11 by Natsuki Takaya

Fruits Basket, Vol. 11 - Natsuki Takaya

This volume was heavy compared to the last one. It mainly deals with Akito being an ass to everyone he comes in contact with. He beats the crap out of numerous family members (and non-family members). He has a fit and yells at Tohru for trying to steal the Sohmas from him, and ruins everyone’s lives as best as he can. I honestly wish some horrible accident would befall him. He’s such a jerk, and not in a regular jerk kind of way. It’s more in a beat the living crap out of anything that disagrees with me kind of way.


Kyo makes me kind of mad. I understand his motives for not speaking up, but he really needs to stand up for himself. He just listens to Akito tell him what to do, gets a little defiant, then says “okay” and goes home. I suppose he’s just trying to protect Tohru from Akito. It doesn’t really do much good. Hopefully, that means next time he’ll just stand up for himself in front of Akito (or I’m all for killing him).


Rin shows up again. She’s officially a brat. I like her about as much as I like Hiro (which is not at all). She’s way to angsty for my taste. We get it. You’re possessed by a “vengeful spirit” just like a large portion of the rest of the family. No one feels sorry for you. Get over it.


Bravo to Tohru for stepping up to the plate. She finally understands what’s going on in the Sohma family, and she’s not too keen on letting it continue. I can only bet that Kyo will be confined over her dead body. I can’t wait to see her standing up for the family members she loves. I imagine that won’t make Akito happy. Let be real, what does make him happy? He’s always pouting unless he’s up to something (like ruining everyone’s lives).