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Fruits Basket v. 21 by Natsuki Takaya

Fruits Basket, Volume 21 - Natsuki Takaya

We start back where we left off, which is unusual for this manga. Kyo finishes his story about his childhood friendship with Tohru’s mother. He tells more about her death and how he couldn’t deal with the grief. He admits he moved on by blaming everything on Yuki. It’s unclear to me whether Yuki overhears this or not. He sees them talking, but I could never decide if he could hear them. After he’s done with his story, Tohru tells him she loves him. Being Kyo, he says the wrong thing and she runs off crying. Yuki is furious with Kyo for making her cry.


Akito finds Tohru on the cliff, where they’ve both run away to. Akito has some little fit about things coming to an end and hurts Tohru. But Tohru, of course, just offers her friendship. Akito is ready to accept it. Then, inconveniently, the cliff crumbles and Tohru falls. Akito calls for help. Yuki and Kyo find Tohru, and Kyo freaks out and kisses her. It’s so cute and it’s been my desktop background for months. Anyway, Tohru has to go to the hospital. Again, I’m amazed by the crazy shit going on in this volume. Akito has a chat with Momiji, and I think it really helps her turn herself around. It’s amazing how I’ve gone from hating her, to feeling sorry for her, to kind of liking her.


Kyo and Yuki get into it about Tohru. It’s about time some of that was said. I’ve been waiting for this argument for the past few volumes. It was great. I appreciated Haru stepping in with Shigure as the comic relief. Also, there’s some major cuteness going on with Yuki and Machi.