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Honey Hunt v. 6 by Miki Aihara

Honey  Hunt, Vol. 6 - Miki Aihara

Just to give a few reminders: Yura is starting her acting career in hopes of showing her parents that she doesn’t need them to be special. She’s hoping to become a better actress than her mother. She’s dating Q-ta, a musician who’s a huge fan of her father’s music. Haruka, Q-ta’s brother, is acting alongside Yura in a television show and he’s developed a thing for Yura. Mizorogi, her manager, wants her to focus on her career and not the two boys vying for her attention, though there seems to be a little more behind his actions. This cover shows Yura and Haruka.


I’m still don’t quite understand why Aihara writes her female characters the way she does. Yura just seems a little weak. I mean, she redeems herself sometimes. I was proud of her a few times in this volume because she didn’t let people get in her way. Still, she cries a lot. She also lets Q-ta dictate her life and that’s never healthy. I guess I should remind myself that I was a teenager once and I probably wasn’t much different.

Haruka has such a hard time talking about his feelings. I’m unsure whether that’s part of his personality or whether he just wants to protect some image he has going for himself. The second seems a little shallow for Haruka. Q-ta on the other hand can be a selfish prick and I wish Yura would open her eyes and see that. Instead she acts like an idiot. He says he would rather her not act if it keeps her from seeing him and I have no doubt she would stop for him… and that’s just stupid. Mizorogi is difficult to figure out. He has a thing for her, that’s for sure. He doesn’t pursue it, probably because he’s her boss and he’s nearly twice her age. Still, he sabotages her meetings with Q-ta and seems really hurt when he catches them alone together.


The plot is keeping me locked into the series. I wasn’t expecting Yura and Q-ta to get so serious so fast. I’m worried about Yura. I think they’re moving too fast. Plus, Haruka seems to genuinely care about her and I kind of like him. I’m also hoping for a fire to get ignited between Yura and her mother. Her mother seemed pretty hurt by some of the things Yura said to her and I’m really hoping Aihara explores that further in the next volume. I imagine Mizorogi’s feelings will be exposed at some point, though I’m not expecting it anytime soon. But who knows? Aihara’s surprised me with the plot so far. I really enjoyed this volume and I’m ready for the next one.