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Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris

Deadlocked - Charlaine Harris

It seems Charlaine Harris is finally winding things down. I can’t say I’m sorry that this series is ending. It’s one of those series that was a lot of fun for the first four books, then just kept going for years.


After a young shifter girl dies outside Eric’s house one night, a murder investigation begins. On top of that, Sookie is dealing with issues in her Fae family. Eric and Sookie are on the rocks in this one, which means no Viking sexy time. That was, admittedly, one of the only reasons I picked this book up. I’ve always loved Eric, but he was barely present in this book. There was a weird mystery with a random girl dying at Eric’s house, part of her Fae family disappearing for a bit, and a crazy werewolf who has it out for Sookie. As in many of the Sookie books, it’s all linked somehow. Frankly, I was disinterested in pretty much everything that happened in this book. This series has just been run into the ground. Couldn’t it have ended sometime around book four? That’s the last one I remember loving. I can hardly remember anything that happened in the following books. It was just really unsatisfying. Looking ahead to the last book, I can only say that I’m kind of hoping that Sookie just gets back together with Bill and everyone who’s been a problem for last million books dies. That’s how ready I am for all this to be over. I’ll pick it up just because I want to know how things wrap up.


This one just didn’t hit the mark. This series is dead.