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My True Love Gave to Me by Ava March

My True Love Gave to Me - Ava March

It was so nice to see some of these guys a little younger. Alexander and Thomas are college age in this short. All of this occurs years and then months before the rest of the series. I think what was most interesting about part of this story taking place when the guys were younger is the issue of Thomas feeling uncertain, maybe even terrified, of his attraction to men. I think I actually would have enjoyed a longer, more fleshed out version of this.


Alexander (or Sasha to Thomas) was sweet and eager as a young boy. He adored Thomas and always looked forward to their times together. Thomas, on the other hand, was very afraid of who he was and what he was feeling for Sasha. When it skips over several years, Sasha has turned a little bitter. I think the eagerness is still there, but his heartbreak over Thomas has never healed correctly. Thomas is simply set on winning Sasha back.


It’s a quick read, but I think March does a good job getting the depth of the story in there. It’s difficult to write in authentic depth to shorts like this. She also doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the sexytimes. Sasha and Thomas burn up the sheets just like the other men in this series. And now I can say that I highly recommend this whole series to any MM lovers out there.


Note: If you’re confused by the Sasha nickname, you are not alone. I had no idea what that was about. There was just a mention of Thomas calling Alexander than because he’s of Russian descent. Apparently, Sasha is a Russian nickname for their equivalent of Alexander. After I found that out, I just found the nickname cute.