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Black Bird vol. 14 by Kanoko Sakurakoji

Black Bird, Vol. 14 - Kanoko Sakurakouji

Well, it seems things are winding down in this series. Manga can be deceptive about that, but this one states pretty clearly that things are entering the final story arc. This volume picks up right where volume thirteen left off. Black Bird had been consistently ending with cliffhangers. In the last volume someone’s arm was chopped off and the reader didn’t know who’s it was. This volume begins with that revelation and quickly ends the conflict between Kyo and Sho. It’s pretty dramatic, but that’s also consistent with the previous volumes ofBlack Bird. There’s a short filler chapter that I skipped over. I’ve never been that interested in the “extra” chapters. I went straight to the first chapter in the final story arc. Kyo and Misao are back in Japan. Misao has plenty of school work to catch up on, but she keeps getting distracted. She’s constantly tired. I’m pretty sure I see where this is going. Some strange things start happening. According to the Daitengu, her scent is stronger and she can now scare away spirits on her own. This volume had little real development. It reached the climax of the Kyo vs. Sho story line and finished that up, which was important. The rest of the volume was filler and expository material. I didn’t really get much out of it except the announcement that this story line is the last of the series. I’m kind of ready for something new so I’m eager to finish this up!