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Dare You To by Katie McGarry

Dare You To - Katie McGarry

McGarry delivers another edgy teen romance.


Ryan’s life may seem perfect, but it’s far from it. His family life is falling apart, and he knows he’s expected to keep up the charade of being the golden boy. Beth’s home life couldn’t get much worse. She just wants to keep her mother away from her dead-beat boyfriend and out of jail. These two are some desperately screwed up character who’ve been manipulated by their families their entire lives. The thing I like about McGarry’s books is how she deals with these kinds of topics. She develops them well, but still includes the butterfly-inducing romance. She does seem to have a thing for the sensitive guys with tough exteriors, though I’m not complaining. If there’s something to criticize, it’s the occasional clichés and odd flowery words. I can’t think of a single teenage boy who would refer to sex as “making love.” I don’t know many adults who actually use that phrase. I was also turned off by Ryan labeling Beth “Skater Girl.” These are small quibbles that were overshadowed by the actual story, so it’s nothing too bad.


I recommend this book to lovers of YA contemporary romance. It’s also a good read-alike for lovers of Simone Elkeles.