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A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

A Game of Thrones  - George R.R. Martin

I’m so sick of accidentally finding out who dies in this series that I decided it was time to read it. The Seven Kingdoms have been ruled by one king for many years, but with so many wanting to claim the throne, who knows what will happen next? A Game of Thrones follows six of the Stark family, a wealthy and cunning dwarf, and an exiled princess. Eddard and his wife and children are thrown into the game unwillingly. All they really want is to live out their lives in peach and honor, but their plans are thwarted by treacherous members of the court. Tyrion always seems to find himself having to choose between family, honor, and survival. Daenerys only wants to go home, but she isn’t sure where that is. I can see why Martin gets so much praise. His characters are complex and mostly sympathetic. He has evil characters too, but they’re still developed very well. The plot is gripping, especially for such a long book. I enjoyed the twists. I’m beyond confused about who is aligned with whom. I think the best part is the idea that life isn’t fair and bad things happen to good and bad alike. It gives the book a sense of reality. It makes all of it so much more believable. Roy Dotrice is so AMAZING! He has a different character voice for everyone in the book and they’re so distinctive. He nails every single word in every aspect: emotion, syntax, accents. It’s a perfect performance. I’ll definitely be listening to the audio for the rest of the series. I know this series has become a huge sensation due to the show, but I think it genuinely deserves the praise. I recommend this book. Period. Read it.