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Black Butler vol. 13 by Yana Toboso

Black Butler, Vol. 13 (Black Butler, #13) - Yana Toboso

Disclosure: I borrowed this book from my local library.


After quite a little shock in the last volume, I was upset I had to wait for this one. It was well worth it, as always. Black Butler will always remain a favorite of manga series of mine. I will throw out a warning that this review will contain spoilers of previous volumes. Continue at your own risk.


Thanks to Elizabeth’s skill with a sword, Ciel lives to see another day. Well, at the very least, the rest of the night aboard the sinking Campania. The Aurora Society brought thousands of undead onto the ship, but the iceberg was never part of the plan. Sebasitan and Ciel set out to find the mastermind behind the Aurora Society, bring him to justice, and end the walking dead chaos aboard the ship.


In normal fashion, the storyline concerning Elizabeth surprising skills is closed out, and a new chapter of the story begins. The look into Lizzie’s past was fascinating. She’s always been a surface character, the adorable little doll or the damsel in distress. Now that her darker side has come out, I was interested to learn the story behind it. I think she’ll prove an interesting character in the future. Ciel and Sebasitan’s next adventure was a bit less interesting to me, but it did include some cool developments: background of the Undertaker and a look into the beginning of Ciel and Sebastian’s arrangement. At this point, the whole Campania plot is over for me. I hope it wraps up in the next volume and they move onto something else. I also thought there was just a little too much action in this one. Action is good, but it’s a little harder to see what happening in Toboso’s action frames. I was very happy to see Grell Sutcliff again. He always makes this manga entertaining. Seriously though, Lizzie’s pretty bad ass.


I highly recommend this manga series to readers ages 16+ due to language, persistent violence, and some adult themes.