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Book Review: Blue Morning vol. 2 by Shouko Hidaka

Blue Morning, Vol. 2 - Shoko Hidaka

I received this book for free from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Warning: This post may contain spoilers of previous volumes.


I enjoyed the first volume of Blue Morning. It offered a very different kind of yaoi manga experience. Yaoi tends to have a few cliche quirks, and Blue Morning is doesn’t follow the normal formula. Because of that, I was excited to read a review copy for the second volume.


Viscount Akihito just wants to be with his Katsuragi, his butler. It seems Katsuragi only cares about how far Akihito can climb socially for the Kuze family name. The two come to an agreement: Katsuragi will do whatever Akihito wants as long as the Kuze family ranks count or higher. Still, Katsuragi remains cold toward Akihito, and it’s driving him crazy.


I have to admit I had a difficult time keeping up at the beginning of this volume. All of the talk of social ranks got a little over my head. The rest of the volume was pretty good, though. Akihito’s friend starts to suspect what’s going on between Akihito and Katsuragi. Katsuragi’s brother also starts meddling in things. Akihito is mostly just annoyed that Katsuragi never lets himself show any emotion when they’re together. I would definitely love to know more of what’s going on in Katsuragi’s head. He can be very enigmatic. There was more sexual content in this volume, but nothing so explicit that I felt awkward. I can see why there’s a mature rating now, though.


I plan to keep reading and see where this one is going. Like Akihito, I’d like to see a little more emotion from Katsuragi, and learn a little more about his past.