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Magi vol. 1 by Shinobu Otaka

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, Vol. 1 - Shinobu Ohtaka

I received this book for free from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


I feel like I’m in a sort of weird place with manga right now because I’m caught up on all the series I’ve been reading. I’ve been trying new stuff while I wait for the next volumes of the series I read to come out, and everything I’ve been trying have been new releases too. It’s strange for me to skip from series to series like this. Normally, I read straight through a series. It’s kind of nice though. Sometimes when I read straight through, I get a little bogged down.Magi is another new series, and something pretty different for me, since I read very little shonen.


Magi is the story of Aladdin, a little boy with powers who always seems to get himself and others into trouble. Aladdin carries with him his best friend, Ugo, a dginn stuck inside a metal flute. In this volume, he meets Alibaba, a young man who dreams of entering a dungeon to find the treasure hidden within and becoming something more than a poor cart driver.


I really enjoyed Magi. When I began, I wasn’t sure it would be my thing, but I got sucked in pretty quickly. It’s straightforward and easy to understand. Aladdin is hilarious. He’s always getting everyone around him into trouble, but he’s also usually saving them by calling out Ugo and using his flying turban. Alibaba is a great character too. He’s spontaneous and funny. I hope he sticks around for while in this series. The art is great too. Otaka has a very defined style, and I like that. When it comes down to it, I was just thoroughly entertained. There was plenty of action and I laughed a little. I’m looking forward to the next volume.


I highly recommend this one to shonen lovers. Though Aladdin’s age might make it seem this one is okay for a juvenile audience, I would recommend it to young teens, 13 and up. There’s some clear innuendo that may not be appropriate for younger kids.