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Pretty Little Dirty by Amanda Boyden

Pretty Little Dirty - Amanda Boyden

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this book. When I began the book, I loved Lisa and Celeste. They reminded me a lot of my high school years. My best friend and I had the same sort of relationship and our own rebellious streak (though it was nowhere near as bad as some of the things these girls do). As the story progressed I became a little detatched from them because they had become so wild. Normally, this kind of thing wouldn’t affect me too much. with these two, it bothered me because they are both bright, intelligent girls who should know better. Of course, I imagine there are a lot of intelligent people in the world who do these kinds of things all the time.


The writing was pretty good. It wasn’t too matter-of-fact, but it it wasn’t flowy either. I really loved the one page, present tense memories from each punk show they went to that Boyden placed in between each “chapter.” Those made the story more interesting to me. There was definitely something I enjoyed about Boyden’s writing. I will read another book by her if she writes something else that sounds interesting.


If there’s anything I took away from the book, it’s how much your bad decisions can really screw up your life sometimes. I hate to sound like a D.A.R.E. officer or something, but it’s true. These girls make some horrible decisions that get them into some really bad situations. They have to face up to the consequences of their actions. It makes you think twice about doing things in the name of rebellion.


In short, it’s a good book, just very tragic. It made me think, which is always good. I wouldn’t recommend the book to anyone who doesn’t like reading about sex or drug use, since these things are a common occurrence in this book.