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The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray

The Sweet Far Thing  - Libba Bray

It seems that this trilogy just got better and better with each book. I was thoroughly impressed with this trilogy, but particularly this book. The story got more intense. I couldn’t get enough of this book. I’m very sad it’s over.


Gemma’s debut is nearing, but her biggest responsibility is the power she holds. She has bound the magic of the realms to herself. The Order and the Rakshana want that power to control the realms. It’s time for Gemma to choose her role in all this and decide what’s right.


Oh the characters! There are just so many and I love them all. The wonderful thing is that we get to see more of them. We get to understand them and why they are the way they are. the development is amazing. By the end, Gemma barely resembles the girl we came across in the first book, or even at the beginning of this book. the path of each character, whether they come to a good or tragic end, seems to be mapped out perfectly by Bray. When I named Gemma as one of my favorite heroines in a top 10 list a few weeks ago I remember someone saying Gemma got on their nerves. I know this was just their opinion, but I have to disagree now that I’ve finished the trilogy. I truly love Gemma. I think she’s a wonderful character.


I also enjoyed all of the twisting and turning. Just when I thought I knew what was going on, my mind was turned inside out by a new plot twist. I’m glad Bray didn’t take the predictable road. Even after I thought I had been numbed by all the twisting and turning, she still managed to surprise me. It was a well-paced plot and I couldn’t stop listening for a second.


Speaking of listening, I really grew to love Josephine Bailey during my listen to these books. I might have to see what else she’s narrated. In the beginning, she sounded too old to be Gemma, but now that I’ve listened to the whole trilogy she’s become Gemma’s voice.


Though I would categorize this as fantasy, Bray does a great job of giving it a realistic edge. Things aren’t all butterflies and fairies (well, at least not good fairies) so don’t kid yourself into thinking this will be like some fluffy little paranormal romance where everyone gets their happy ending (I’m looking at you, Mrs. Meyer). Just like real life, there are hardships and they don’t always end the way we’d hope. I am always drawn closer to a story with this type of underlying message.


I recommend this series to ages 13+ due to sexual references and violence.