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Ouran High School Host Club by Bisco Hatori

Ouran High School Host Club, Vol. 6 - Bisco Hatori

I had a little trouble getting into this one. Though this series has been pretty silly so far, the last few volumes have touched on more serious topics. This one continues in that fashion with a look at family relationships, particularly those of Tamaki. So far, we’ve had an image of Tamaki that makes him seem as though he has no troubles. Now, we find out he has plenty of his own problems.


We saw a new side of Tamaki. For the first time Haruhi is able to appreciate who Tamaki is. He may be a little vain, but he deals with his problems with a smile on his face and a good attitude. It’s definitely his greatest quality. I’m excited to learn more about him.

I appreciated the few laugh-out-loud moments. After all, I began reading manga because I thought it was adorable and funny. I’ll admit, I do like dramas sometimes (example: Sand Chronicles), but nothing can compete with fun, light-hearted manga like this. It’s just more fun to read.


The last episode in this volume was a sweet, but rather silly, look into the VP’s office. Of course, Tamaki only listens to half of what the VP said and Host Club craziness ensues. Really? What did these boys do without Haruhi around?