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Vampire Boy's Goodnight by Lisa Brown

Vampire Boy's Good Night - Lisa Brown

I can’t remember where I first saw this, but I knew I had to get it when I did. It’s just so adorable and I love to read children’s books every now and then.


The first this that caught my eye when looking through this book were all the clever little references to books and music associated with Halloween. In Bela’s room there are copies of Dracula and The Raven. Then, when Bela visits Morgan, his adorable witch friend, she’s brewing a potion while listening to Symphonie Fantastique. The Cruciable is sitting open on her bed. The inclusion of Berlioz’s programmatic symphony is so clever! This is yet another adorable children’s book I’ll have to show my children one day.


If you have some little ones, I recommend this for them.