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Fallen by Lauren Kate

Fallen - Lauren Kate

I decided to read this after the release of Torment. There were so many bloggers freaking out about it and, as usual, my curiosity got the better of me. Again, I was a little disappointed. Though, it was less of a let down than Hush, Hush. This was a pretty good book. It just didn’t quite meet my expectations. It happens sometimes.


First of all, I have to point out the amount of paranormal YA books. My expectations have become high in this genre because there are authors out there doing an incredible job with it. Most of the other authors are doing a good job, their books just lack depth or pacing or strong characters. I’m not saying this book has those problems, they’re just examples. It’s just something I was thinking about when I was looking back on the last few books I’ve read. You have to set some bars and if a book doesn’t meet them it’s disappointing. There’s just no other way to deal with such a vast number of popular books being released every single week in a genre.


This book just felt all over the place. I think the plot is good. I just needed it to be a little more coherent. It was also too long, in my opinion. I was annoyed by how long I had to wait for answers. It’s like we spent the entire book guessing and then learn everything at the end in a jumble. I will say that the ending is what saved this book for me. I will read Torment because I enjoyed the last 1/4 of the book. Sometimes the book was utterly predictable and sometimes I felt like I was totally lost. I really don’t like feeling that type of uncertainty when reading.


The characters were interesting and had some depth, though I would have enjoyed a little more. I liked Daniel more than anyone, more than Luce. Luce seemed a little bratty to me sometimes. I understand that her situation was frustrating, but seriously, just back off and let the “professionals” do their work. I like Cam too. I’m interested to learn a little more about him. He seems like he’ll be the perfect bad guy. I have some expectations for that, though I might regret allowing myself to do that again.


Though I wasn’t crazy about the pacing and I think it could use a little more depth, I thought the writing was mostly pretty good. It was the type of writing that stays out of the way (my favorite). I liked Justine Eyre for the most part. She’s a pretty good narrator. I’d recommend the audiobook to anyone who likes them. Again, this book was good. Don’t take my criticism the wrong way. I just needed a little more from this one.