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Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

Speak - Laurie Halse Anderson

At the risk of sounding unfair, I have to say I wish I’d read this before I read Wintergirls. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good book. I just think I enjoyed Wintergirls so much that this one didn’t stand a chance. If I had read this first I would have loved it, then I would have loved Wintergirls even more.


That being said, this was a great book. I think Melinda is a great character. I still marvel at Anderson’s ability to get me attached to a character. She was full of so much pain and found it so hard to tell someone what happened to her. It made me sad for people to yell at her about this. I was waiting on the edge of my seat for her to tell someone the whole time. In spite of her pain, Melinda had a great sense of humor, even if it was a little cynical. I found her commentary on the ever-changing school mascot hilarious. I think Melinda has a great personality that she hides from others and I eagerly awaited the moment when she finally shared her wit with the people around her.


Anderson’s writing was excellent, of course. It wasn’t nearly as lyrical as Wintergirls. She wrote Melinda’s voice very well. She paced very well. I was really satisfied with this book. It was difficult to read sometimes since it deals with real and sad situations. I’m horrified by the simple fact that these things really happen. Life is hard enough without teens having to worry about some guy taking advantage of them. I can only imagine how traumatic something like that would be at 13. Anderson does a great job trying to convey the feeling to the reader. I’ve become quite a fan of hers. She’s such an impressive writer. Is there more I could read by her? I really hope so. I’m not ready for her books to be over.


I kept my mouth shut when the article about this book (alongside others) getting banned because I hadn’t read any of the books. I don’t think any book should ever be banned because it’s a form of artistic expression, but I thought I’d save my argument until after I’d read this book. I’m actually insulted by the fact that someone called this book pornography, as if the point of the book were the rather tame, in my opinion, sexual situations. I’ve read rape scenes that go into all the horrible detail of everything, and this is nothing compared to that. Though the rape is important to the story, it isn’t really the point. It isn’t condoning rape or drinking or anything bad. In fact, it’s making a case against doing these things. The sad thing is that someone actually thinks teens can’t handle this or shouldn’t be exposed to it. Teens are already exposed to these things. They happen to them in real life. I think this book, just like Wintergirls, is a must-read for any teen girl because it stresses the importance of speaking up.


I know there’s a movie based on this book. Despite the fact that it has Kristen Stewart in it, I’d like to watch it. I love to watch movies based on books I’ve read.