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The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson

The Girl Who Played with Fire - Stieg Larsson

This volume is a little more action-packed so it moves faster. I blazed through this one. It kept my interest in every aspect. We learn a lot more about Lisbeth (who is, after all, the most interesting character).


Lisbeth grows a lot in this book. She takes a look at how she has treated others. She begins to realize her choices have an effect on those around her. She’s kept everyone at arms length, trying to keep them out of her personal life. She never opens up, but it doesn’t stop people from caring about her. I loved that she started to see that she affects these people whether she keeps them close or not. I think this thought is what finally gives her the resolve to finish the job she started as a child.


It’s wonderful to watch the plot of this novel unravel. I was so excited by every bit of information I found. The pacing was so much better than that of the first book. I was very pleased with this one. I had to begin the next one immediately, as promised by the guy who loaned the books to me.


I enjoyed this movie, as well. I’m still impressed with Noomi Rapace. She’s just perfect. I’m not sure I want another Lisbeth. She really is Lisbeth for me. Like the book, the movie was better-paced. It was also shorter, which was nice. The first one was a tad too long for me.