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Glass by Ellen Hopkins

Glass  - Ellen Hopkins

My liking to Kristina diminished completely in this book. Through most of it, I was rooting for her to get over her bad habit and take care of her baby. After the chances of that slowly began to fade, I started to really dislike her. The difference is that she didn’t just abandon her baby for drugs. She abandoned him for a guy. She didn’t make him the most important thing in her life, and that made me hate her. I’m glad that the next book isn’t about her because I’m not sure I’d be able to read it if it were.


Kristina grows, just in the wrong direction. She becomes hopelessly addicted and can’t tear herself away from her addiction, not for anything or anyone. We meet a couple of new people. Trey is the new love interest (I miss Chase!) and I never warmed up to him. He’s a terrible influence on Kristina. I’m not even sure why they fall in love. In fact, I’m not sure they really did fall in love. It just seemed like she wanted to sleep with him and do drugs with him. Then, she complained when he wasn’t there. Brad, his cousin, is the only character I could actually stand. He was a sweet, quiet guy. I think he really cared about Kristina and I loved him for that.


Once again, I enjoyed Hopkins style. This one seemed a little less poetic than the last. There were still hints of it. Her style worked well for this subject. I’m very interested to read some of her other books after I finish this series. I’m sorry to say that Laura Flanagan made a return. I still think she’s one of the worst narrators I’ve ever heard. Her unclear speech can be distracting and she still has those unnatural pauses in the middle of sentences. It’s just weird.


I have to admit I was still pulled along by the plot, even if my liking for Kristina was gone. I was interested in what would happen to her and her baby. I kept listening hoping that maybe she would pull it together. I wanted to believe she could do it. I think that might be what makes addicts such a disappointment. Those of us who have never had the problem don’t understand the pull it has. Hopkins really tries to convey that part of addiction in these books. It’s not enough to want to be a good person or a good mother. It’s really hard for someone to stop when they’re using something this addictive. I got that, but I still became disappointed in the end. I wanted Kristina to be the person she wanted to be deep down. Still, it was very interesting to see drug use from the users perspective and I’ve enjoyed learning what I have from these books. I’m ready for the next one. I can’t wait to see what kind of person Hunter becomes and his siblings.