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Fruits Basket v. 12 by Natsuki Takaya

Fruits Basket, Volume 12 - Natsuki Takaya

Let me just say that I am not the least bit interested in the student council. I’ve already started reading the next volume and there’s more about them in that. Please, God, don’t let this go on forever. I’m pretty much just interested in the Sohma family and Tohru and her friends. Everyone else, I could care less about. All this mess with the student council just seems pointless to me.


Tohru is taking her promise seriously. She goes to see Shishou and talks to him about Kyo and his future. She doesn’t want him to be confined and she’s actually trying to do something about it. Go, Tohru! She also goes to see her grandfather. This, too, seemed a little pointless.


Kyo and Kagura have the talk they really needed to have. Kyo just doesn’t love her and it’s time her told her. Of course, she knows. She’s just been holding onto him because he was so nice to her when they were little.


Yuki has been thinking about Rin and what’s going on with her. Then he runs into her in the woods looking like a ho-bag. He’s trying to figure out why she treating Haru so bad. Then Haru shows up planting a pretty awesome looking kiss on Rin. I just love Haru. He’s got to be one of the coolest of the Sohma family (except Kyo, of course). He and Rin look nice together, but I’m not sure how things will turn out with them. Rin is being pretty stubborn about whatever is going on with her.


The plot is start to weave together into one thing, rather than each chapter being a little story. I like that better because I feel like it’s starting to get to the point. Like I said, I’m interested in the Sohma family and I’m ready for Tohru to help get rid of Akito (or whatever it is she plans to do about him).