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Fruits Basket v. 14 by Natsuki Takaya

Fruits Basket, Volume 14 - Natsuki Takaya

I’m so glad I finally got a glimpse into Rin’s life. I’m so glad there’s a reason for the way she acts. She’s just as fragile as Yuki. Well, I guess she’s more fragile. While Yuki keeps all his pain inside, Rin takes it out on everyone. She’s got a big heart though. She wants to help Haru, to set him free. It looks like she and Tohru are both looking for a way to break the curse. I like this. There might be more of a chance with both of them trying to figure it out. I’ve always had a feeling Tohru is the key to breaking the curse. I’ll guess we’ll see if I’m right.


More student council stuff. At least, I found out a little more about Kuragi. The class is also going to put on a play. I think’s it’s hilarious that Kyo was chosen to be Prince Charming. I imagine this will show up in one of the following volumes. I can’t wait to watch Kyo try to be charming.