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Fruits Basket v. 15 by Natsuki Takaya

Fruits Basket, Vol. 15 - Natsuki Takaya

We get a look at Yuki’s childhood relationship with Akito. We also see his first run-in with Kyo. Young Kyo was obviously bitter about the rat’s part in the legend and takes it out on Yuki. I think Kyo was unaware of everything Yuki was going through, or he might not have been so mean to him. We see more of his ice queen mother. When Yuki finally makes friends, there’s an incident and all their memories are wiped. We also finally see Yuki meet Tohru as a boy. The point is, Yuki was under a lot of pressure when he was a little boy and it left him really damaged. He has a talk with the VP of the student council about Tohru, and how much being near her has done for him. At the end of the volume, he finds Machi in a bad situation and overhears her talking about him. This peaks his interest in her and I’m hoping for something to happen there.


The play turns into a disaster of no one following their lines, but it’s pretty funny. Toward the end it mirrors Kyo’s life and Tohru has an outburst that nearly outs her knowledge of his future. I’m glad to see he’s not as hard-headed as he seems sometimes. He begins to wonder about her feelings for him. But of course, he’s Kyo and he can’t give himself too much hope. That would just be too uncharacteristic. The one thing in this volume I find a little confusing is relationship with Yuki. I can’t tell if Yuki is trying to be nice or malicious. He’s messing with him though, and Kyo is not having it. I guess we’ll see where that goes later.