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Fruits Basket v. 18 by Natsuki Takaya

Fruits Basket, Vol. 18 - Natsuki Takaya

Yuki and Machi are totally precious. I was hoping he would find someone since Tohru is so obviously attached to Kyo. He finds out that Machi can’t handle perfection. That’s why she’s been trashing rooms and messing things up. The cutest part is when they’re sitting next to each other in a meeting and someone sets down a brand new box of chalk. She looks at it nervously and he just reaches over and breaks a piece to ease her mind. It’s so sweet!


The chapter with Motoko is short, but cute. She doesn’t try to make him love her. She just tells him she’s glad she met him and hopes he’ll have a good life.


The rest of the volume is exactly the kind of thing I love. Craziness. Rin has disappeared and no one can find her. Come to find out, Akito is behind it. Some stuff went down and caused Akito to hurt Rin. I’m not going to go into details about it. The important thing is that Haru finds out about it and he is pissed. I have to show you the face because it’s the best pissed off face I’ve ever seen.


I was so pumped! I couldn’t wait for someone to finally stand up to Akito. He doesn’t get very far because others intervene in his mission to beat Akito’s face in. I’m not sure things are resolved with that struggle though. Something bad is bound to happen between Akito and one of the zodiac eventually.


Later, in a discussion about breaking the curse Tohru kind of drops the bomb that she’s in love with Kyo. Well, she makes it obvious that she’s concerned about him, which is the same thing. Shigure thinks the curse will break eventually, but that’s not enough to save Kyo so we’re back at square one: still searching for a way that they can be together. I’m so excited about where this series is going right now. More, please!