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Fruits Basket v. 19 by Natsuki Takaya

Fruits Basket, Volume 19 - Natsuki Takaya

Shigure talks to Tohru about the curse and saving Kyo. They kind of get into it because Shigure is so blunt about Kyo’s fate and how the rest of the Zodiac feel about him. He says he’s not trying to be mean, which I don’t think he is. He’s just trying to tell her not to give up. I mean, I don’t think he really cares about Kyo. He just wants the curse to break. I’m also guessing his feelings about Akito haven’t changed very much. He probably wants Kureno out of the way.


Kyo runs into Tohru’s grandfather, who tells him he thinks Tohru acts like her father because some old lady told her they were nothing alike when he died. This turns out to be true. She talks like her father because she was afraid her mother would leave her and to be with her father when she was a little girl. She feels horrible for being so selfish, but Kyo is there to comfort her. Both of them really don’t want to think about the future. They want to be together. It’s really sweet and sad at the same time.


Yuki runs into someone from Ayame’s past. He pays his brother a visit and we learn that Mine is actually Ayame’s girlfriend. So cute! Ayame tells a relatively serious story about love and rejection. I’m glad he and Yuki get along so much better now. Later, Yuki still pursues Machi by bringing her a gift. He also sort of asks her out, but she bolts. Like Kakeru said, they’re way too spacy. It will take forever for them to get together. Speaking of Kakeru, there’s also a little chapter at the end about him and his girlfriend (whose father also died in the accident that killed Tohru’s mother). It’s kind of a filler chapter, except I think it gives Yuki the kick he needs to try a little harder with Machi. We’ll see in the next volume, I suppose!


I realize I’m breezing through these, but I’m just so invested in the story right now. I can’t help myself. I know I’ll be really sad when I’m finished.