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Fruits Basket v. 20 by Natsuki Takaya

Fruits Basket, Volume 20 - Natsuki Takaya

Let me go ahead and say that there will be spoilers. I mean, honestly it’s pretty difficult to review manga without spoilers. Anyway, this is just a warning. Since I’m so far into the series these last review will probably be packed with spoilers.


We learn the story of Akito’s father and mother, and how they met. We’ve met Ren before, and it’s obvious that they hate each other. I think they’re both jealous of the how much attention the other got from Akito’s father. Anyway, whatever it is that Ren is trying to steal, it has something to do with her late husband. Later in the volume, she shows up in Akito’s room with a knife demanding the box Akito holds so dear, but there’s nothing in it. We learn about her father’s death and why she holds onto the box. Some violence ensues and people get stabbed. It’s pretty intense. I’m impressed by the amount of crazy shit Takaya writes into this volume.


Meanwhile, the end is obviously near. Another curse has been broken. Akito realizes that things are beginning to unravel. Momiji is free, and he realizes that it’s not all good. After and entire life of being who he is, suddenly part of him is ripped away and it leaves him feeling kind of lonely. Still, he’s free to do what he likes with his life. Just a side note, I can’t believe how much he’s grown. All I can think of is that crazy bouncy little boy from the anime. He’s grown into such a man. It’s kind of weird. Getting back to the plot… Akito begs him not abandon her (Now that I know Akito is a woman, I refuse to refer to her otherwise). It’s time for a Akito to face what’s happening and even she realizes that.


Kyo confronts Tohru about her feelings for him, which was a huge surprise to me. Then, he tells her of his involvement in her mother’s death. He says he could have saved her, but he didn’t. It’s a pretty emotional and depressing story, so of course we’re left hanging until the next volume. Damn you, Takaya!