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Fruits Basket v. 22 by Natsuki Takaya

Fruits Basket, Volume 22 - Natsuki Takaya

Kyo is standing up for himself! Yay! So, I’m not sure why exactly Kyo was puking in this volume, but I have a theory about it having to do with the curse breaking. This theory was never confirmed, but I’m sticking to it!


Arisa visits Kureno and cuteness ensues. Hanajima has been spending a lot of time with Shishou and it’s freaking Kyo out. What’s freaking me out are the age differences by some of the people in this series. I mean, Shishou isn’t young and Hanajimi hasn’t even graduated from high school yet. Is this just a culture difference in Japan? Do people care about ages there?


Akito calls all the Zodiac to the estate for a meeting. She’s releasing everyone and revealing the truth about herself. We see every Zodiac’s reaction as their curse is lifted. It’s emotional for all of them. Like I said before, they’re losing a part of them they’ve had their entire lives. The most emotional being Kyo’s since he only realizes it when he holds Tohru and doesn’t transform. They both burst into tears when he rips the beads from his wrist. We get to read the story of the Zodiac and God. The volume ends with Akito embracing Tohru. I’m so sad the series is ending!