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Rogues by Ava March

Rogues - Ava March

What a great conclusion to this series. I do still need to go back and read the prequel about Norton and Bennett. That’ll be a quick read since it’s much shorter than the others in the series. But back to this book. I still think Ben and Cavin are my favorite couple of the group, but Linus and Rob were pretty great. Unlike the other couples, these two grew up together. They went through the confusion of their attraction for other boys together (well, I guess Linus’s attraction). Rob never spent much time thinking about other boys. He was too focused on Linus and his duty to get married one day to let his eye wander. I think their relationship as best friends and occasional lovers as boys is what makes them so much more sexually developed and experienced than the other guys in the group.


Again, I really enjoyed their awareness of their friends’ preferences. Rob has a talk with Norton about his relationship with Bennett and how they make it work. Linus is happy about the sudden disappearance of Julian (which occurs as a plot point for the previous book). Linus also slyly asks Ben about his preferences. It would be sort of cool to have a little epilogue short with all the happy couples spending time together. Honestly, they could all feel safe and free to be themselves around each other.


This series just makes me happy. And the sexytimes are nice. There are a couple of other MM series by Ava March, so be on lookout for my reviews of those at some point. I like her style, so I’ll definitely be reading them. In the meantime, read these books if you like MM.