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Her Rocky Mountain Guardian by Margery Scott

Her Rocky Mountain Guardian (Entangled Ignite) - Margery Scott

This one was just okay for me. I got through it, which is good since I gave up on the last romance I was reading. I used to be extremely easy to please when it came to romance. I guess, like with any other type of book, the more I read the more I’ll start to expect from books. I just expected more from this, and I think the problem is essentially that it was too short. 

I had a very difficult time connecting to the characters in this one. Jennie and Brae aren’t bad characters. They’re likable and sweet. It kind of ends there for me, though. There’s no real depth to them. I never really felt any emotional investment in them. Generally, that’s what locks me into a book. I never got locked into this one because I was disconnected enough to set it aside whenever I got distracted. 

The other element that was missing was the feeling of urgency that any kind of romantic suspense should have. The suspense plot was there. I mean, Jennie was getting death threats from the beginning. That’s serious and scary. The problem was that I never felt scared. I was never convinced. Suspense plots depend on that urgency to work. 

I’m definitely a little disappointed, but I don’t want to give off the impression that the book is bad. The fact that I finished it is a clear sign that it was worth reading. I rarely finish books I dislike, and I definitely don’t have time to do that now. I think a lot of readers will enjoy this book. Honestly, my reaction might be a combination of the points above and my mood. Maybe I just wasn’t feeling it, and that’s why I didn’t connect. I say give it a try for yourself. Maybe you’ll love everything about it.