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Baby, I'm Yours by Stephanie Bond

Baby, I'm Yours - Stephanie Bond

I downloaded this one for free a while ago and I finally picked it up because I was looking for something short to read in between my longer books. This was perfect and adorable. I loved Sweetness and I think I need to read the full-length books in this series soon.

I think what makes or breaks a short story is the connection. There has to be some way to immediately connect with either the characters or the plot quickly, otherwise everything seems rushed or I end up not caring about what happens. I was immediately connected with this story. I’m not sure if it was the characters or the plot, but I knew I would enjoy it right away. I did like Emory though. I wouldn’t mind reading more about him so I hope he shows up in the other books. I wasn’t terribly invested in Shelby. There just wasn’t enough of her. It didn’t matter to me though.

The conflict in this book never feels rushed. It’s because there’s back story. Emory and Shelby have known each other since their childhood. They’ve loved each other for years. It’s the perfect setting for a short story. Even the problems with Shelby’s father have been going on for years. I think that’s a big reason that I loved this story. I was never left needing more from it.

There were a couple of other small things that made me love this story. First, I love the small Southern town. I thought the workings of a small town were displayed perfectly. I also loved how the tornado was dealt with. Since Alabama suffered two very bad tornadoes in one year, I’ve seen some of the devastation that they can cause. It’s jarring to see emptiness where there was once an entire street of stores or a small town. It’s crazy to believe something you’ve seen a million times can be wiped out in a matter of minutes. I think Stephanie Bond really captured that.

In short, Baby, I’m Yours is a perfect example of a well-written short story. It establishes good characters, good plot, and an authentic Southern setting in less than fifty ages. It’s just enough to get me interested in the rest of the series.