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Forbidden by Nicola Cornick

Forbidden - Nicola Cornick

I was so excited when I realized Forbidden was part of the Scandalous Women of the Ton series. I’ve read them all and loved every single one. They make up my favorite Regency romances. I had not expected another book, but I think it perfectly lives up to the rest in the series.

Margery’s story is quite different from most of the women’s tales. She’s spent her life in poverty and working as a lady’s maid. When she finds out about her inheritance, it’s a shock and she finds it difficult to make the transition. I think this gave Margery a lot of room for development as a character. Henry has his own issues with emotion and has taught himself to hide them. He finds that to be quite the battle when he meets Margery. There is the usual immediate sexual tension between the two, but I’m glad that love takes time to develop. Love has a tendency to creep into romances too early and I always appreciate it more when an author gives it time to build.

Nicola Cornick is a master at the Regency romance. I’ve read this entire series and enjoyed every second of it. She deals so well with the language and she builds perfectly intriguing plot lines. I always love every single second of reading her books. I think her lovable characters are what stand out the most, though. I’m a little sad that this is the last of this series. Fortunately, Cornick has written plenty of other romances I haven’t read yet.

Forbidden is an excellent conclusion to the Scandalous Women of the Ton series. It promises lovable characters, intrigue, and, of course, scandal. If you enjoy Regency romances, I highly recommend this series. The first book is called Whisper of Scandal.