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Blessed by Ann Mayburn

Blessed - Ann Mayburn

Well done! I really enjoyed this one. It’s definitely an original world, and I can’t wait to read more of it. Ann says she just released a novella in the series, so I’ll be getting my hands on that soon.

Eliana (whose name name I had serious issues keeping straight in my head. For some reason I wanted to take the “i” out and make it Elana) has grown up in what they refer to as a dry area, where the residents are atheist. While the rest of the world has been raised in freedom of religion, Eliana has been sheltered. It’s quite a shock to her when her gorgeous professor informs her that could be Chosen to serve one of the gods her parents taught her didn’t exist. She takes it all pretty well though. Despite her sheltered upbringing, she seems very open minded.

I love Eliana. She’s a very likable character, as are her friends in the book. Aiden and Devon are positively swoon-worthy, and Jack and Chrissy give the book a tough of light-hearted humor that’s needed to stomach the darker themes. And, yes, there are some dark themes. The antagonists, worshiping gods of Destruction, do some very gruesome things. With lesser gods of sorrow, rape, and torture, you can only imagine how sickening some of the scenes can be. I think there’s a nice balance though. There’s the presence of pure evil, giving the story the tension it needs. But it’s well balanced by romance and humor.

That’s right! The steamy moments the cover promises are present, and they fit right in with the story. Bravo, Ms. Mayburn! I’m ready for more, and I highly recommend this to anyone interested in paranormal romance.