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Fierce Dawn by Amber Scott

Fierce Dawn - Amber Scott

Who knew wings could be so sexy? I was reading a review of this on Amazon. The subject line was “Move over, Edward! Hello, Elijah!” I could agree more. I mean, Edward has been out of my mind for quite some time (eagerly replaced by Peeta, Kartik, Po, and, I admit it, Mr. Rochester). Elijah is really battling for the spot though. I’ve read one other of Amber’s books (Irish Moon, read the review here), and I really loved it. I was so eager to read this when she offered it. It blew Irish Moon out of the water for me. I mean, they’re entirely different books, and not really comparable. Still, I felt more connected to the characters in this book.

The plot is maybe a little confusing, at first. Once some explanations are put forth, the action begins and the story really progresses. There’s some pretty good character crafting going on, and that’s something I love more than a good plot. It lies mainly in Elijah’s character, and also a little with the relationship between Sadie and her sister. I think good character development is a crucial part of a good book and a good writer. That’s really what won me over with this one. Of course, the bad ass fights and X-men-like powers didn’t hurt.

The other realm and the world and creatures within are enough to captivate any reader, even without all the awesome action and very sexy romance. This one really is a winner. I noticed someone had listed this book in a “New Authors to Watch For” list on listopia. I couldn’t agree more. I think Amber is a very talented author. She has an incredible imagination and great writing skills. She crafts her stories well, and I urge any reader to check out her stuff.