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Good Girls Don't by Victoria Dahl

Good Girls Don't - Victoria Dahl

Oh, I’m so excited about reading the rest of this series. I already have the second and third one on my Kobo. I have some things I need to read before I can get to them, but I’m going to try any read them as soon as I can. I’m starting to get into the detective thing. I’ve read a couple of good books involving them and loved them. This is one of them. Luke was great!

I’m so happy when I read a contemporary romance that isn’t just about sex and love. There have to be other conflicts, or it’s a little boring. I say this about contemporary specifically because it’s a lot easier to pull off other conflicts with paranormal or historical romance. There’s always some conflict involving the paranormal beings in the book or the honor of a lady or something like that. Sometimes when you pick up a contemporary romance the only conflicts have to do with the romantic relationship in the book. It’s like that’s the only part of their lives that matter or something. This book, however, throws in issues with family, friends, and work. The brewery gets robbed so there’s a whole ordeal with that. The relationship between Tessa’s two brothers is strained. Luke is having problems with his best friend. There are layers and makes for more interesting reading. A+ for that!

I’m also glad I didn’t have to wait a century for Luke or Tessa to show interest in one another. A lot of romance novels dance around it for half the book and I get frustrated. The characters will have feelings for each other, but they won’t act on them for what seems like forever. Tessa practically pounces on Luke the first chance she gets. Their romance starts very quickly in the book. I find that I much prefer that.

Every single character in this book is interesting, even the ones you’re supposed to hate. That’s why I’m so excited about reading more of the series. I’m hoping some of them will pop up again. Luke and Tessa are the leads in this book, but her brothers play a huge part as well. Wallace (the guy who comes up with the brews) is one I know I’ll have to pay attention to. He’s already piqued my interest. Simone was also a nice character in this book. Her subplot was just as interesting to me as the main plot.

I highly recommend this one if you like contemporary romance. It’s fun and sexy, but still has some more thoughtful parts.