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The Immortal Highlander

The Immortal Highlander - Karen Marie Moning

Every time I finish one of the books in this series, I always think “that was my favorite!” Seriously, this one is my favorite. It was so good. I just love Adam Black. He’s shown his face in a few of the previous books, and it was so nice to hear his story. They’ve all been pretty sweet, but this one was the sweetest. I was so giddy by the end.

I already had an interest in Adam, so there was no problem with me finding him likable. Gabby, however, was new. I loved her. I feel like the women in the books just get better with each book. Gabby was hilarious, and also pretty sweet. Like the others before it, this one is full of sweet romance, endangered lives, and some hot sex. It also features a cameos made by the MacKeltar brothers and their wives. This one just has a little more fairy action (okay, a lot of sinfully sexy fairy action). As it turns out, the darkest fey prince is the sweetest Highlander of the series. This one is highly recommended. It will be way for fun for you if you read all the ones before it, but it can still work as a stand-alone.

Phil Gigante, once again, rocked it with his brogue. I love it! It makes the experience so much more fun. And again, I’m impressed with his ability to swap accents quickly (which is well-displayed in a scene with the Mackeltar brothers, their wives, Adam, and Gabby, all of which have different voices and accents). He’s most definitely one of my favorite voice actors.