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The Dark Highlander by Karen Marie Moning

The Dark Highlander - Karen Marie Moning

It’s so nice to see more of the Mackeltar brothers. Dageus really gives his brother a run for his money with the dangerous, dark quality he has going on in this book. It’s pretty difficult to say which I prefer. Of course, I’d take them both. 

This was yet another great installment of Moning’s Highlander series. I’m getting close to the end of it, which makes me sad. Still, there’s no shortage of romance books about the Highlands. I suppose if I miss it too much I can try out a different author. Dageus stole my heart. What he did for his brother was just amazing, so is the strength he has to keep the spirits inside him at bay. I also liked Chloe, though maybe not quite as much as Gwen. She was just geeky enough to win me over.

Moning doesn’t disappoint. The plot and characters are still very engaging. We get to see our favorite mischievous fairy again. Adam Black is back, pleading with his Queen for the sake of a few humans. I took a peak at what the next book is about, and I’m so excited that he will be the focus! There’s plenty of time travel, magic, and some creepy cult out to make sure Dageus goes dark. It’s easily a thrilling story, but it also has all those delicious scenes between Chloe and Dageus that we’re really looking forward to. Still, my favorite remains Kiss of the Highlander.