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To Tame a Highland Warrior by Karen Marie Moning

To Tame A Highland Warrior - Karen Marie Moning

This is another good one. It sucked me in just like the last. Though there was a little less humor in this one, I still really enjoyed it. Grimm is a little more serious and brooding than Hawk. Still, he’s likable. I really love that this one was connected to the last one. I hope they’re all like that.

Grimm has been hiding some things. He tries desperately to keep them hidden in this one, but it’s not so easy with another clan hunting him down. His banter with Jillian is pretty funny. She basically throws herself at him. Because if his belief that he’s something savage, he resists. Well, until she literally throws herself at him. By then, it’s a little too much to handle and one of his secrets is out: he loves her. I was surprised by how quickly their romance developed. I guess it’s because there’s a lot more to this one than the two of them falling in love. Grimm has to come to terms with what he is, and find out what that means.

Again, I must mention that Phil Gigante is awesome. Love that brogue!

Not quite as good as the first book in the series, but still worth the read. On to the next one!